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in response to Michelle Obama’s comment, “proud of her country for the first time in her adult life”, Cindy McCain responded with “she’s always been proud of her country”. can Cindy McCain be more specific, because the way I hear it leaves me to wonder if she’s part of the problem and not the ACTUAL solution? I used to admire John McCain greatly, but the latest comments from the McCain camp makes me wonder if it’ll be nonsense status quo for an elite few if he’s elected.

To: McCain campaign

when Cindy McCain mentioned she’s ALWAYS been proud of this country, did she mean she was proud of Jim Crow which existed IN MY LIFETIME?

did she mean she’s proud of the widening poverty level? did she mean she’s proud of how our vets (Korean, World War I & II, Vietnam, Gulf, Iraq, etc.) are short-changed after returning from war, injured (benefits reduced for rehabilitation or care) or dead (not recognized properly), or healthy but can’t make ends meet???

is she proud of how blacks who served during Word War II were treated like slaves upon returning back to THIS COUNTRY? was she proud of black men and women with degrees forced to work as slaves, porters and handymen?

or did she mean she’s proud of organized criminals (Gotti, Capone, Gambino, Lanskey, etc.) being treated more fairly than Dr. King, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Robert F. Kennedy Sr. and others who championed the cause of justice for all?

did she mean she’s proud of urban communities who look to people like Al Sharpton who divide not help? oh that’s right, she’s probably not concerned about urban areas or poor areas because she’ll never see them in her lifetime. strange that Mormons, as part of their duty, spend their days in urban/poor areas reaching out to any and everyone.

but please explain to me what she’s proud of. oh, lemme guess, it’s the “democracy” and free speech of this country run by an elite few, correct? or she’s proud of her freedom to do whatever “she” wants with wealth and a certain skin tone. because even with Oprah’s wealth, she will be denied opportunities because of the color of her skin.

but from my view, my father’s side (Burgess – white) has been in this country since the 1600s, before British ruled slavery, and my mother’s side since British ruled slavery. what my family has seen in all the years is heartbreaking and sad. Jim Crow, esp. the migration of european immigrants with the common attitude of “oh that’s the black man’s problem not ours”, was unbelievable, and lasted from the end of the Civil War with the Ku Klux Klan in charge, until theoretically the early 1980s, and the effects of Jim Crow ARE lasting with no support or resolutions from Jim Crow benefactors like Cindy McCain.

I noticed that the leaders at the top OF THIS COUNTRY are white males only. so I’m not proud of this at all. I’m also not proud of the fact that in the Senate’s entire history, there have only been 5 black senators including Obama. there’s never been a black federal reserve chairman, a black FBI/CIA lead, a black education leader, a black world banking leader, a black media leader, and at the top Ivy league schools where our leaders are bred from, only 1 black president, Ruth Simmons of Brown University. never in the history of Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Princeton, West Point, Stanford, and other top schools where our “leaders” are bred has there been a black president. Condoleeza Rice was the highest ranking at Stanford University (as Provost).

that, to me, says a lot about our leadership and what those leaders and those they teach think of others NOT LIKE THEM. so, while I didn’t hear what Michelle Obama said, because I’m not following their campaign, I did hear how the media “applauded” Cindy McCain’s comment. and again, look who leads the media, which could unite, but instead divides and creates lemmings, which is why I’m asking DIRECTLY what did Cindy McCain mean when she stated she’s *always* been proud of her country.

the first answer I received from a staffer which shocked me was: “this isn’t about race“! HUH??? and she didn’t even listen to the question. see what I mean, it’s cute how harsh racism is OVERLOOKED, UNADDRESSED BY AN ELITE FEW JIM CROW BENEFACTORS.

And the other shocking comment from McCain’s staffer after I asked if Cindy McCain was proud of the widening poverty level: “our poor people here are treated better than poor people in other countries“. WOW but given people’s bank accounts are being drained from spending hundreds weekly for gas costs and other rising costs while jobs are sent overseas, everyone not in the same wealth status as Cindy McCain or her staffers will find out how well they are treated! or ChaosCorruptionCrime & PunishmentEducationGeneralIn The NewsJim Crow BenefactorsPolitics & Societycindy mccain,john mccainBy: Admin on: Wed 20 of Feb., 2008 12:06 EST (8803 Reads) in response to Michelle Obama's comment, 'proud of her country for the first time in her adult life', Cindy McCain responded with 'she's always been proud of her country'. can Cindy McCain be more specific, because the...or androcracy...