I’m not even surprised by Charleston shooting because I’ve been following notices from Southern Poverty Law Center​ for years. I’m saddened by the massacre, and tired of these occurrences from misguided hatriots who would like my country returned back to Jim Crow era, or even slavery, while chanting “they’re not racists”.

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But what really sickens me are Dylann Roof’s complaints about “tyrants” and “wanting his country back”, which has been the GOP mantra or “battle cry” since the election of Barack Obama. And Dylann Roof heard that “battle cry” LOUD and clear.

Dylann Roof had the freedom to discuss whatever he wanted online, including about his hate of non-whites and Jews. Dylan Roof had freedom to visit confederate memorials to pay homage to treasonists he admired. Dylann Roof had the freedom to look up “black on white crime” via search engines, ironically while living in a stronghold confederate/pro-slavery state which honors pedophiles and rapists such as James Henry Hammond and Strom Thurmond as well as John C. Calhoun.

Dylann Roof had freedom to travel, work if he wanted to, or be supported by his parents at the age of 21, whereas I was working full-time while attending college full-time at 21. Dylann Roof had the freedom to possess a semi-automatic weapon, including after drug and trespassing charges. Dylann Roof had freedom to tell his friends he was planning a terror attack. Dylann Roof had freedom to travel to Charleston from his segregated enclave called “home”.

Dylann Roof had the freedom to enter AME church, where he was welcomed by persons Dylan Roof himself called “nice”. Dylann Roof had the freedom to walk away and go home. But instead Dylann Roof had freedom TO OPEN FIRE and slaughter 9 innocent people and more if many more were present. Where was the tyrant to stop Dylann Roof before any of this??!!

Dylann Roof was/is the tyrant. Dylann Roof denied the freedom of life for others.

And after another tyrant decided to end the lives of many, here comes the singing of “We Shall Overcome”, right on queue. I’m so tired of hearing “We Shall Overcome” sung AFTER a hatriot bombs a church, burns churches or shoots up a church, elementary school or into a crowd. We can’t OVERCOME hatriots who don’t evolve. Instead of “We Shall Overcome”, how about “we SHALL vote”, “we shall go door-to-door to stress importance of voting to move forward without hatriots”, leave them and their hate where it stands”?!

Because immediately after the Charleston shooting, the first thing I thought of was the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church Bombing in Birmingham, Alabama. https://www.bing.com/search?q=birmingham+church+bombing&PC=U316&FORM=CHROMN – and suddenly media remembers that too, but still haven’t talked about the church burnings in So. Carolina or the fact that Sons of Confederate Veterans are establshing a series of monuments and events through the south and many other states, which is the equivalent of Jewish neighborhoods setting up monuments and dedications to Hitler.

And here it is 2015, STILL singing “We Shall Overcome” while not voting especially during mid-terms when the most extreme racists are elected while no one is paying attention.

Voting rights for non-whites, women is what many were killed for in the first place, including Abraham Lincoln, who was ready to grant full voting rights to non-whites (Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, Asians, etc.), women & Jews the day after he was shot and William Seward was stabbed repeatedly. Overcoming is first learning full history of Seward, who along with his entire family was ready to “ride-and-die” with Harriet Tubman all the way including by using Seward’s own Governor’s mansion as part of Underground Railroad. Or even learning full history Thaddeus Stevens and Robert La Follette (a GOP Senator with a FEMINIST wife when GOP was Seward’s party). Let’s remember at every election, all the struggles for many just for the right to vote and exist in peace, instead of staying home and letting hate rise to power again.

We know what we’re capable of, and have seen it with Madame CJ Walker, Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Black Wall Street and countless inventions. Then come talk to me about “tyranny” and 2nd Amendment rights when, after building successful communities, this comes-a-callin’ ready to destroy it: tulsahistory.org/learn/online-exhibits/the-tulsa-race-riot/

A white man who admires apartheid walks into a black church and kills nine people.
https://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/news/splc-statement-on-the-shooting-in-charleston-south-carolina #CharlestonShooting

#tcot Fox News' crowd still trying to figure out the shooter's motives.
#tcot Fox News’ crowd still trying to figure out the shooter’s motives.
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