sigh confused I’m partly being sarcastic as I explain this issue, but I am not making light of it in any way. It’s just the irony of the many names which peeves me, thus sarcasm to try and make sense of it.

First, it was “indentured servant” without race defined and equal treatment allowed along with Irish who were also indentured servants. Blacks were freed after their period of servitude, which involved pay. That pay allowed them to buy property/land and begin a new life – what tribal leaders in Africa thought they were continually sending other Africans off to. Blacks were allowed to marry, including intermarry. Birth and marriage records were allowed. Blacks could vote and sue anyone in court, including whites. All of this existed under Dutch rule. How do I know this? This is the origin of my white family/father’s side in the mid-1600s before the British defeated the Dutch.

Then, began the British-ruled slave trade (which brought my mother’s ancestors to this country in the 1700s as African slaves) as well as established "slave for life". No more negotiating with African tribal leaders, nope. The standard became thefts via force, and shipped grossly and inhumanely like slabs of a material object, with women and children used during and after transport as sexual toys. And the British slave trade with the help of Spain and France established the unresolvable separate and racial society that exists today. Unless you ask folks like Elizabeth Hasselbeck, whose resolution is to "just forget about it, get over it". Nice. So tell me again, why Dr. King wanted to be equal with persons who behaved inhuman?

Then, it was nigra or nigger, or darkie, or coon, buck, wench or slave, whichever was easier for the masters of the house or their overseers and partners in crime, e.g., American Express, NY Stock Exchange, Aetna, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, etc.

Congressional enacted Fugitive Slave law which allowed free blacks to also be captured and sold into slavery. See 12 Years A Slave autobiography for more details.
Congressional enacted Fugitive Slave law which allowed free blacks to also be captured and sold into slavery. See 12 Years A Slave autobiography for more details.
Congress also pitched in by enacting not one, but two Fugitive Slave Acts which made even free blacks slaves or subject to being hunted down while being called either of those names. It didn”t matter that blacks owned their own businesses, coveted schools and owned their own media/newspaper. Under British law, slave for life if you fit the description. Death was the only escape.

Then it was colored, which was a step up from nigger.

Then it was negro.

Then it was black.

Then it was Afro-American.

Now, it’s insisted that it’s African-American, including by non-blacks, well, in public of course. Hey Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman, how’d that probation thing with Bravo Network work out? And has anyone even seen Michael Richards lately?


Don’t quote me on the order, and who cares about the order of nonsense like that.

But man, indentured servitude sounds a whole lot better than African-American these days because they were PAID and RECOGNIZED as citizens of their own country, which is more than I can say for today’s GOP!

However, with all the names assigned, it’s surprisingly still a mystery for others like Elizabeth Hasselbeck as to “what” the problem is, and why can’t I use the “N” word.