16th Street Baptist Church bombing

A truly sad day in history. Four little girls, Denise McNair, Addie Mae Collins, Carole Robertson and Cynthia Wesley, died as a result of a bomb placed in their place of worship.

Because of segregation, churches were the source of strength, knowledge and education, and voting rights information for African-Americans. Degenerates like Sam Bowers, Edgar Ray Killen, Cecil Price (a sheriff), Bull Connor (a sheriff), and Byron De La Beckwith, vowed to shut down any glimmer of hope and progress for African-Americans. And with the help of local and state government, including [https://gotdemocracy.net/home/tiki-read_article.php?articleId=11|governors like Ross Barnett Sr.] they were successful.

What is even sadder is that in all the years since the bombing, continual silence and pride for their actions. The same applies to Carolyn Bryant, the beauty queen (although not sure what her definition of beauty is) who will go to her grave a skank who wants to keep quiet about the death of Emmett Till which she is also responsible for. Her actions, perceiving a black child needed to know their place when addressing those deemed “superior”, started a horrific series of events which led to Emmett Till’s death. And her only response is “leave it in the past”. I have no idea how that woman sleeps at night, and she”s too close to the grave to continually have no remorse to confess and apologize to all African-Americans for her horrific crime.


and note mainstream media’s history pages STILL accuse a child with a speech impediment of flirting with (whistling) at a white women. Emmett Till’s impediment prevented him from whistling, but by relaying that Emmett Till did something considered offensive, it validates the heinous crime against him.